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Routing Instance VPN Solution

Hi all, I have two VRF's (LAN virtual-router and WAN virtual-router) at two sites on two Juniper SRX firewalls, is it possible to do the following: - I want to form IKE phase 1 via the WAN-VRF on the WAN facing interface using: set security ike gateway gateway-1 external...

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vMX - Enabling mpls for routing-instance interface

Hi all, I am trying to enable mpls protocol on vMX (Junos: 14.1R1.10) for an interface, which belongs to a routing-instance (BACKEND). However I am not able to find "mpls" keyword under the protocols for the routing-instance. Please see below: root@bbr1# set routing-instances...

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Internet failover with dual-ISP configuration and routing-instances by using IP monitoring

We have a SRX320 with two ISPs connected to the ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/2 interfaces and trusted subnets connected to the ge-0/0/5 interface. We use both ISPs for destination NATs to forward ports from the Internet to trusted subnets. To solve the problem with asymmetric NAT, for...


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IPsec VPN on Juniper vMX not working .

Issue: ====== IPsec VPN b/w Juniper vMX and Vyatta 5400 not working . Topology: ======== --Juniper vMX-- Corcerns or Problems: ================== 1. since the deployment is in AWS VPC the Public or Revenue...

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routing instance and ospf

Hello! Trying to configure ospf on srx100 device with routing-instance enabled, everything works fine between devices without routing instance. show routing-instances cifra1 ( instance-type virtual-router; interface st0.0; interface st0.4; interface st0.8; interface vlan.1; ...