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  • latest update, for what it's worth, the changing of image from 18.2R3S3 to the recommended 18.2R3S5 on my truckload of EX2300-C had the unintended side effect of changing the diagnostic message associated with the unresolved getty request problem ...

  • I've not used jweb myself, but there is this visual management tool you can turn on and get some reporting from that may help. https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/jweb20.4/information-products/pathway-pages/j-web-security-user-guide.html On ...

  • Hello guys. Okay ? I have a problem on my network, there are some users consuming a lot of network traffic, I believe it is a very large download. Is there any way to check which ip is performing this excessive consumption? ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you very much! ------------------------------ I Regret Nothing. ------------------------------

  • Thank you very much! ------------------------------ I Regret Nothing. ------------------------------


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