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Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: Switching

    Hello, I am trying to configure Active/Active MC-LAG from two PE MX routers to one MX CE Router running LACP. AE1 are the interfaces configured into the MC-LAG. Here are my PE configurations: set system host-name PE1 set system root-authentication encrypted-password "$6$wmSaBZuR$RwK/bOqazvfjOV5tScCEr39HSJzTveAod9iZ4b1eNgvvqZxQJ.iYTR.l75t/o2/dyqiDoUgEPbGiq9te1AZoM/" set ...

  • Posted in: vMX

    This solution worked for me. FPC and CP won't connect to each other if not using lite-mode. I've added 16gb and 16 procs on each and it still won't work. Don't really know how to run on performance-mode since it won't work. I guess there is a problem with this performance mode. Cheers. ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: SRX

    Hi Karand, I'm also locking for the newest firmware version for my newly bought Juniper SRX210HE2 with SRX-MP-1VDSL2-A module. After more than 3 years later of your post the download at https://www.juniper.net/support/downloads is still restriced and not open to every user. Currently my installed ...

  • Posted in: vMX

    Bingo! Changing FPC to lite-mode worked. I have raised memory to 16GB for vCP and 16GB for vFPC and FPC won't get online. Keeps show FPC as PRESENT and not online. Don't know what to do here... ------------------------------ Rafael Azevedo ------------------------------

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