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  • Posted in: Routing

    For ipsec vpn with the remote site on a dynamic ip address you will need to use aggressive mode and host id instead of gateway ip address. The kb outlining the SRX side configuration for that is here in the knowledge base. You will need to find the similar configuration that matches from UniFi. ...

  • Posted in: Routing

    Yes, they can do IPsec between each other. The "DreamMachine" is more of a NightmareMachine in my eyes, but when one of those failed to connect to a Palo, the SRX succeeded. In that particular case, the DreamMachine was replaced with a spare and then it all worked. They are notoriously unstable though, ...

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    The procedure all depends on what redundancy your connected devices have. If they are mainly hypervisors and other devices that are multihomed, this can be done quite nicely. The more single-attached devices you have, the longer the downtime. I guess you have already read this guide: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/us/en/software/nce/nce-171-qfx-vc-upgade/topics/topic-map/nce-171-qfx-vc-upgrade.html ...

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    As mentioned, the SRX300/320 will do just fine (and, yes, the rack mount kit for the SRX300 is separate). You should really look into the AutoVPN feature where you can simplify the config of the central SRX to a minimum and still offer 100% security. Basically, you define one IKE/IPsec setting in the ...

  • Posted in: Labs

    Change the Juniper MTU to 1514 https://irfansalam.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/mtu-difference-between-cisco-and-juniper/

  • Posted in: SRX

    Has anyone seen hits for the SMB:LNX-KRNL-SESN-STP-DOS signature from Attack database version:3637(Thu Sep 28 13:59:35 2023 UTC)? ------------------------------ Michael ------------------------------

  • Posted in: SRX

    We have a situation where client would like to have VPN Connection from the office network ( for testing ) using the same SRX box configured for external VPN (from outside network like home/ cellular). Regular VPN is working fine when connected using home networks or cellular. Split tunnel is configured ...

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  • Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Illustration of an IP/VPN MPLS network provisioned and operated with Apstra Freeform. Introduction Juniper Apstra is our specialized intent-based networking software. Juniper Apstra reference designs are DataCenter validated designs that provide comprehensive guidance from the initial setup (day 0) ...

  • Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Juniper enhanced the initial DDoS protection feature with Suspicious Control Flow Detection (SCFD). It provides deeper analysis within a given protocol or packet-type: a s olution that addresses the need for more granular flow policing, s upported from Junos OS 17.1R1 Introduction Another potent feature integrated into the MX series platform ...

  • Blog Entry
    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    How much traffic coming from Internet reach my different POPs? Can I monitor in real time the traffic coming from the “TOP Internet Talkers”? Is there an easy way to count traffic entering and leaving my VRFs?"... If you are part of a support or capacity planning team, you frequently got this questions. Let’s imagine a dialogue between two network ...

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