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Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: vSRX

    As other posters have noted, you can change the entire device to packet mode to gain mpls support. You can, however, remain in flow mode and switch individual interfaces to packet mode, allowing configurations with both packet mode-only features (e.g., MPLS) and flow mode-only features (IPSec, stateful ...

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Dear community, I have successfully deployed a vMX appliance using EVE-NG and I want to enable web-management however the option does not seem to be available in the configuration set. root# set system services we ^ syntax error. root# set system services ? Possible completions: <[Enter]> Execute ...

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    In addition to what Steve suggests, make sure you've set the port speeds. https://phil.lavin.me.uk/2019/04/juniper-mx204-enabling-100g-ports/

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Do you have the number of ae interfaces allowed configured? set chassis aggregated-devices ethernet device-count 3 Note that interfaces start numbering at 0 so to configure ae2 you would need 3 allowed interfaces. Also is the physical interfaces showing link up? And to actually pass traffic you ...

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