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Jumpstart JSI: Ask the Expert Meetup follow up

  • 1.  Jumpstart JSI: Ask the Expert Meetup follow up

    Posted 22 days ago
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    There won't be a #JumpstartJSI post this week due to the Fourth of July (US) and the Canada Day holidays. 
    You can still learn more by watching the recording from last week's Jumpstart JSI Ask the Experts Meetup (see attached), as well as the Q&A from the chat below. 

    Jumpstart JSI Ask the Expert Meetup chat Q&A

    Q: In Mist Portal, is there a way to check the SIRT or PBN details without having to go via Inventory / Install base?
    A: At this time, there is not, however, in a coming release, these details will be available as part of the device details directly within Wired/WAN Assurance and summarized within the Org itself
    Q: Would you share the vLWC (JSI) connectivity? And requirement itself
    Q: If a device is approaching end of support will JSI automatically email me?
    A: Not today through JSI, although Juniper as a whole has a process that will notify our customers.
    Q: What is the difference between Juniper Support Insights and Juniper Mist?
    A:This can be a longer answer, will at least answer high level. JSI is more support automation and insight into the environment included with Juniper Care. Mist gets more into self healing and more frequent data collection for health monitoring.
    Q: Does JSI support SRX security appliances?
    A: Definitely does! Anything Junos can be supported.
    Q: Would be interested in the security aspects of the JSI LWC platform. How is the data transmitted over to Juniper encrypted?
    A: We have a JSI Security and Privacy Brief that can give you further specifications. 
    Q: Is this product security tested (e.g. with pentest or/and a vulnerability analysis scan)?
    A: These are performed regularly as part of our security posture.
    Q: Is JSI for enterprises only or also for service providers?
    A: It is for all customers! There are different ways to connect based on your needs, with the goal being a JSI for everybody.
    Q: What is the url for the JSI portal?
    A: There are three ways to connect to JSI. Via Mist or J-Cloud  -OR-  Installing and configuring a Lightweight Collector (LWC) device via JSP.  As we talk about the JSI connectivity options (in the attached recording) we can help figure out the best JSI for you to guide you.
    Q: Is it possible to deactivate the remote shell option?
    A: Yes, that is completely controllable by you, the owner of the Org
    Q: How do we as customers know if a JTAC engineer or someone at Juniper logs unsolicitedly into our devices?
    A: You, the owner of the Org control who has access to the Org, however, were there an unsolicited log in, that activity would be captured via the Audit Log found within the Organization tab
    Q: Are outputs from JSI remote shell sessions logged, so you can review them if needed, to see what JTAC has done on your devices?
    A: Yes, there is a full audit captured
    Q: With on-prem VM is there a cost to get the VM?
    A: It is available as part of Juniper Care support service, for no additional cost. For the physical LWC, please reach out to your Juniper team.
    For a virtual deployment of the LWC, you can request the vLWC via the online vLWC request form in the Juniper Support Portal.
    Q: Can we say that JSI will be replacing MIST?
    A: No, it is better to say that JSI is augmenting Mist with the accumulated experience of Juniper Support
    Q: Do you have any virtual LWC image, that we can deploy in Azure?
    A: This is under review for future enhancements based on interest. Currently have ESXi available. 
    Q: Does the reporting have the ability to see the software/licensing applied to the hardware/asset - when licensing is serialized?
    A: That capability is currently available under an early availability program. Please reach out to Customer Success if you are interested. 
    Q: How is JSI licensed and what is need for a customer to purchase?
    A: JSI is a new entitlement on your existing support contract, if you have a current support contract for your JunOS device with Juniper then you are entitled to use JSI at no incremental charge.
    Q: Is there a SaaS version of the LWC being developed, for non-Mist devices?
    A: Today we have the physical LWC and vLWC for ESXi. Others are under consideration based on interest.
    Q: Does the JSI-through-support portal functionality (facilitated by the collector) exactly replicate the JSI-through-Mist functionality? In other words, if your devices are onboarded through Mist, you don't need a collector and/or the support portal Insights tab?
    A: We are on a path to converge the experience to the degree necessary with the intent that there is no need for the collector.
    Q: Would JSI offer any ability for central management?
    A: Enterprise Router Assurance would be the expert's guidance to you and the customer success team is happy to connect with the correct team.
    Q: Does any Juniper network devices connect JTI needs to under contracts?
    A: Having one device under contract entitles you to JSI. From there even devices not under contract can be added. The goal is to help support the network and ensure our customers have the coverage they expect, therefore we do not exclude devices not under maintenance. 

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