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  • Hi. My original post seems to have been lost. I am still trying to find out when Adobe Flash will be entirely flushed out of Junos. Junos 20.3 R1.8 still requires Adobe Flash Today, Adobe is "encouraging" users to entirely remove Flash. While ...

  • Hi, Lets say if i'm configure knob "tcp-mss 1460" under ebgp. Is it the traffic SSL will priority using that 1460 instead using MTU on interface? Thanks and appreciate your feedback

  • In general, HTTPS and SSL doesn't care if it's fragmented or not. End systems and firewalls can object, but I'd consider that a bad policy. "Should" be fragmented? Yes, if HTTPS or SSL packets are bigger than the IP/L3 MTU, whatever that is (often 1500). ...

  • Hi, Do u know whether the https or SSL traffic should be fragmented or not? Thanks

  • Sorry, too little time to reply properly, but please be aware that MTU means two things, L2 MTU and L3 MTU or IP MTU. Too often even vendors (I shall not name thee, Juniper...oops I did, but you're not the only one!) mix them up. I have seen things like ...


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