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  • In addition to Dmitriy's post, you can simply run something like show route advertising-protocol bgp <neighbor IP> <prefix> to check if specific prefix is being advertised to BGP neighbor and what are path attributes of this prefix. Also, on receiver ...

  • Hi all, May i know whether juniper support this kind of feature or similar like this? Appreciate some feedback Thanks

  • In this case (multiple mrouters in a single VLAN), IGMP Election is the point. When you activate PIM, IGMP is activated too: «IGMP DR and Querier are selected by an election. The router with highest IPv4 address becomes the DR and the router with lowest ...

  • You can verify advertised routes to a particular neighbor only (( 1) Verify internal and external peers in a group > show bgp group [detail] > show bgp group <group> [detail] 2) Verify advertised routes to a particular neighbor with their attributes ...

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    RE: how to check advertised prefix

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous it is cisco nxos Cisco-Nexus# sh ip bgp x.x.138.0/24 BGP routing table information for VRF default, address family IPv4 Unicast BGP routing table entry for x.x.138.0/24, version ...

  • Please write your cisco command in full way by whole words, the cisco command came from IOS/IOS-XE/IOS-XR? ------------------------------ WBW, Dmitriy ------------------------------

  • Does assert deal with this case ?


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