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  • I'm guessing the sample configuration you provided currently has only one of your connections, assuming you'll be adding a second one, with another BGP connection. With BGP, there are probably many ways to accomplish this. Here's one (both steps are ...

  • I noticed the same problem with the currently recommended version 22.4R3-S2. ------------------------------ Alexander Zielke ------------------------------

  • I have two IPSsec tunnels going to AWS on my primary internet connection. I'd like to setup another pair of tunnels to AWS using my secondary internet connection. The secondary is much slower than then primary so I'd like to make sure that it has a ...

  • On the SRX security policy only apply to traffic that passes through the device in one interface and out another one. For traffic that terminates on the SRX device itself you would need to do two things. Allow the protocol on the zone and/or the desired ...

  • I will also take a closer look at this Nikolay. I'll keep you posted. ------------------------------ Best regards Vidar Stokke ------------------------------

  • I'd like to be able to ssh to the public IP of my SRX from my Head Quarters office. I have an object already for the HQ IP range. The public IP on the SRX is on the untrust network. I created a rule permitting SSH from HQ (via untrust) to untrust but ...

  • Oh, right... You'll have to upgrade the routing instance to virtual-router in order to put the GRE tunnel in it. That, of course, will comes with more work: I'm not sure if the PBR filter will let you pick a virtual-router instance. If you need to ...

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