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  • First of all try to delete dynamic-application any in your policy from intern to trust. Because if you have both type of policies in your srx - unified (its standart policies with dynamic-application) and standart, unified policies will not worked. And ...

  • If you positive its the firewall dropping your traffic, run this command: show security match-policy from-zone [you source zone] to-zone [your destination zone] source-ip [your source ip] destination-ip [your dest ip] source-port 12345 destination-port ...

  • We have a strange problem with a policy rule that is not matching on our SRX340 (software version 20.2R3-S2.5). We have several zones, and traffic from zone intern to zone trust is denied somehow. Despite there existing a rule that explicitly allows ...

  • Thanks Puluka, appreciate it ------------------------------ SUDQI AL-IMAM ------------------------------

  • Hi Marcel. Thanks by reponse. I will deploy it this way and follow feedback results. ------------------------------ Guilherme Rigueti ------------------------------

  • No automated tool that I know of but attached is a book on migration from ASA to Juniper. And the general IOS conversion bundle is here. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello Experts, We are new in Juniper, how we can convert from Cisco ASA to Juniper SRX, is there any fast way to do that, like tool or something else? Thanks ------------------------------ SUDQI AL-IMAM ------------------------------


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