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Aggregation not working for EX3400

Hi guys, I have an unusual issue. I am configuring link aggregation on my EX3400 for the first time. I am experiecing the following issue. Can someone please have a look and tell me what am I missing? Thanks Following is the configuration with the error message at the end. SW Lab#...

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SRX240 cluster with LACP through a Cisco switch

Hi everyone! I would like to ask for some help. We are trying to put together 2 SRX240 firewalls in a cluster with a Cisco switch between them and with LACP between them on the reth interfaces. The control and the fabric link won't work through the switch only when we connect them...

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srx5400 HA cluster and dual SPC

Hi, I've got two srx5400, each with two SPC cards in a HA cluster. I am aware srx5400 can have only one RE so only control port 0 (em0) can be used. All of dual control link configuration references are for srx5600/5800 when two REs are present - when both HA control port 1 and 0...

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Does adding node-link protection cause LSP to flap?

Hi, Just a quick question if anyone could advise: Does the act of commiting a change to add node-link protection to an existing LSP cause it to flap/rebuild? #LSPnode-linkprotectionMPLS

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Troubleshooting: Link-local services and metadata services

Link-Local Services and Metadata Services Virtual machines might be set up to access specific services hosted on the fabric infrastructure. For example, a virtual machine might be a Nova client that requires access to the Nova API service running in the fabric network. Access to services...

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RE: MPLS L3VPN bookdoor link scenario

Hi, Let's start with the fact that in the case depicted in your link, there's no way a routing loop can occur. In a little more complex scenario a routing loop can easily occur.(see attach) In this topology, administrators want all outbound traffic(inter-site) to pass though CE2-PE2, and they...

1602380C-7085-4F34-975F-7504652C84B2-1-Sample_Routing-Loop without SOO.jpg