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Troubleshooting: Link-local services and metadata services

By Erdem posted 08-13-2015 16:16


Link-Local Services and Metadata Services


Virtual machines might be set up to access specific services hosted on the fabric infrastructure. For example, a virtual machine might be a Nova client that requires access to the Nova API service running in the fabric network. Access to services hosted on the fabric network can be provided by configuring the services as link-local services.


A link-local address and a service port is chosen for the specific service running on a TCP / UDP port on a server in the fabric. With the link-local service configured, virtual machines can access the service using the link-local address. For link-local services, Contrail uses the address range 169.254.169.x. 


Link-local service can be configured using the Contrail Web UI: Configure > Infrastructure > Link Local Services.




Troubleshooting Procedure for Link-Local Services


Use the following procedure to troubleshoot link-local services errors.


1. Check the reachability of the fabric server that is hosting the link-local service from the compute node.

2. Check the state of the virtual machine and the interface:

  • Is the Status of virtual machine Up?
  • Is the corresponding tap interface Active?

Checking the virtual machine status in the Contrail UI:




Checking the tap interface status in the http agent introspect:





3. Check the link-local configuration in the vrouter agent. Make sure the configured link-local service is displayed.






4. When the virtual machine communicates with the configured link-local service, a forward and reverse flow for the communication  is set up. Check that the flow for this communication is created and the flow action is NAT.


Check that all flow entries display NAT action programmed and display flags for the fields (source or destination IP and ports) that have NAT programmed. Also shown are the number of packets and bytes transmitted in the respective flows.



The forward flow displays the source IP of the virtual machine and the destination IP of the link-local service. The reverse flow displays the source IP of the fabric host and the destination IP of the compute node’s vhost interface. If the service is hosted on the same compute node, the destination address of the reverse flow displays the metadata address allocated to the virtual machine.

NOTE: The index and rflow index for the two flows are reversed.


You can also view similar information in the vrouter agent introspect page, where you can see the policy and security group for the flow. Check that the flow actions display as pass.



Metadata Services


OpenStack allows virtual instances to access metadata by sending an HTTP request to the link-local address


The metadata request from the instance is proxied to Nova, with additional HTTP header fields added, which Nova uses to identify the source instance. Then Nova responds with appropriate metadata.


The Contrail vrouter acts as the proxy, trapping the metadata requests, adding the necessary header fields, and sending the requests to the Nova API server.


Troubleshooting Procedure for Link-Local Metadata Services


Metadata service is also a link-local service, with a fixed service name (metadata), a fixed service address (, and a fabric address pointing to the server where the OpenStack Nova API server is running. All of the configuration and troubleshooting procedures for Contrail link-local services also apply to the metadata service. 


However, for metadata service, the flow is always set up to the compute node, so the vrouter agent will update and proxy the HTTP request. The vrouter agent listens on a local port to receive the metadata requests. Consequently, the reverse flow has the compute node as the source IP,  the local port on which the agent is listening is the source port, and the instance’s metadata IP is the destination IP address.


After performing all of the troubleshooting procedures for link-local services, the following additional steps can be used to further troubleshoot metadata service.


  1. Check the metadata statistics for: the number of metadata requests received by the vrouter agent, the number of proxy sessions set up with the Nova API server, and number of internal errors encountered. 



The port on which the vrouter agent listens for metadata requests is also displayed.

2. Check the metadata trace messages, which show the trail of metadata requests and responses.


3. Check the Nova configuration. On the server running the OpenStack service, inspect the nova.conf file.

  •      Ensure that the metadata proxy is enabled, as follows:

service_neutron_metadata_proxy = True

service_quantum_metadata_proxy = True (on older installations)


  • Check to see if the metadata proxy shared secret is set:


quantum_metadata_proxy_shared_secret  (on older installations)​


If the shared secret is set in nova.conf, the same secret must be configured on each compute node in the file /etc/contrail/contrail-vrouter-agent.conf, and the same shared secret must be updated in the METADATA section as metadata_proxy_secret=<secret>.


  1. Restart the vrouter agent after modifying the shared secret:

            service contrail-vrouter restart