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  • 1.  Problem with Link Aggregation between two EX-4200

    Posted 04-01-2009 12:05



    I have a problem with a link aggregation between 2 juniper switches. I check the configuration and I couldn't find any problem, but the link aggregation physically is down. The leds are blinking in green of both ports in the 2 switches.


    I atached the 2 EX-4200 configurations.


    Can anyone help me?


    Thank you in advance!







    SW-TEST1.txt   4 KB 1 version
    SW-TEST2.txt   4 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: Problem with Link Aggregation between two EX-4200

    Posted 04-01-2009 14:09
    Nothing wrong with the config I can see! I saw you're tracing, does it show something? Thought about upgrading?

  • 3.  RE: Problem with Link Aggregation between two EX-4200

    Posted 04-01-2009 14:13

    Hi Esteban
    I was trying to replicate your config and only found this way to have a LACP LAG working:
    Using L3 at the aex interface:
    with this config:
    set interfaces ge-0/0/0 ether-options 802.3ad ae0
    set interfaces ge-0/0/2 ether-options 802.3ad ae0

    set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options minimum-links 1
    set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options lacp passive
    set interfaces ae0 unit 0 family inet address
    On one side and this one on the other side:
    set interfaces ge-0/0/0 ether-options 802.3ad ae0
    set interfaces ge-0/0/2 ether-options 802.3ad ae0
    set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options minimum-links 1
    set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options lacp active
    set interfaces ae0 unit 0 family inet address
    It's working correctly but with only layer 2 I can't have the LACP LAG up like you!
    Here it is working: (this one of the 2 sides)
    Alain@Switch_EX3200> show interfaces ae0 terse 
    Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote
    ae0                     up    up  
    ae0.0                   up    up   inet     
    Can you issue this kind of command on both sides and give us the outputs?
    Can you try to configure a Layer 3 address on the ae interfaces?




  • 4.  RE: Problem with Link Aggregation between two EX-4200

    Posted 04-01-2009 14:30

    Hi Esteban


    After some other tries


    I had the LACP LAG working even with L2 only on the interface.


    set interfaces ge-0/0/0 ether-options 802.3ad ae0

    set interfaces ge-0/0/2 ether-options 802.3ad ae0


    set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options minimum-links 1

    set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options lacp passive

    set interfaces ae0 unit 0 family ethernet-switching port-mode access


     Alain@Switch_EX3200> show interfaces ae0 terse 

    Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote

    ae0                     up    up  

    ae0.0                   up    up   eth-switch

    The difference with you is the version I am running:
    Alain@Switch_EX3200> show version 
    Hostname: Switch_EX3200
    Model: ex3200-24t
    JUNOS Base OS boot [9.4R1.8]
    By the way try to issue a command like :
    "monitor traffic interface ge-0/0/12  detail"  or "monitor traffic interface ge-0/0/13 detail"
    To see if you have some LACP frames sent or received.

  • 5.  RE: Problem with Link Aggregation between two EX-4200
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-08-2009 09:23

    Thank you all !


    I really don't know what was the problem...but I restart to factory defaults and made everything by J-WEB and now are working perfect !


    I note that a few times I configured something in the CLI and the changes wasn't totally reflected in the J-WEB.... maybe a bug ? I have JUNOS 9.4...



    Thank you guys !  Smiley Happy