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QFX - ip helper - Requires explanation

Hi everybody, I do understand why a lot of people would prefer working on Cisco. I need my client to boot from my PXE server on another subnet and I spent my day searching how to do it ... With a Catalyst, I did it in 30 seconds: interface GigabitEthernet2/0.10 encapsulation dot1Q 10...

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Guys could someone help me? I have an SRX300 with two ISPs. ISP 1 - VPN ISP 2 - Internet However when ISP2 fails ISP1 does not surf the internet. ip-monitoring ( policy INTERNET-ISP2 ( match ( rpm-probe VR-UNTRUST-ISP2; ) then ( preferred-route ( route ( next...

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SRX - Monitoring Traffic per ip address

Dear Geeks , I have SRX210HE2 , i need to know bw usage per ip ? is it possible and how ? BR Mohammad R. #monitor #SRX #bandwidth #ip #traffic

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Internet failover with dual-ISP configuration and routing-instances by using IP monitoring

We have a SRX320 with two ISPs connected to the ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/2 interfaces and trusted subnets connected to the ge-0/0/5 interface. We use both ISPs for destination NATs to forward ports from the Internet to trusted subnets. To solve the problem with asymmetric NAT, for...


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Public IP address for a server behind an SRX5800

Hi all! We have a hosting system with an SRX5800 as a frontend firewall. We have multiple virtual routers in this device and normally we use static SNATs and DNATs. We give the client a public IP address on which they can reach their servers in the "cloud". We create a static...