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Ipv6 interface connectivity issue

Hi all, I am currently doing the junos genius JNCIA certification track and have come across an issue i cannot solve. In the Routing Fundamentals lab step 2.1 it instructs to configure the ipv6 address: set ge-0/0/1 unit 0 family inet6 address fda1::1/126 set lo0/0 unit 0...

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RE: Issues with IRB and trunk

I eventually founf ou what the problem was. It was this statement set interfaces ae0 vlan-tagging So my investigation is shown that if you add vlan tagging to a interface where you create a trunk it somwhow corrupts the vlan in a way that it can't be trunked anymore. Not even vlan...

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MX104 monitor traffic interface not showing forwarded traffic

Hi, I'm trying to sniff and analyze traffic on one of my interfaces that is forwarding traffic but infortunately I'm only able to see traffic that is destined directly to the interface (BGP messages, L2 messages and ICMP destined to the interface direct IP address). I have a LACP bundle so I...

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configure QoS for a port with specific Access List match

I am looking to configure my QFX5100 32Q switch with a QoS for a specific ACL match. 1) I would like to specifiy a ACL rule (with match field based on 5-tuple) 2) For the traffic that matches the 5-tuple I would like to define QoS metric with action such as: DSCP marking and Rate-limiting...

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SRX 320 // No internet access from the trunk por // 15.1X49-D100.6 // l3-interface irb // ethernet-switching

Hello, I need your help, please. I have configured one port Trunk and other ports in access, from the Trunk port I only go internet from the vlan that I have configured in the ports access mode (100,190,150), from the other vlans (155,160,165,170,175,180,185,200) no internet access from...