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RE: Adding RE information to the hostname

Hi vakas10, Yes, you are absolutely right wrt configuration. set groups re0 system host-name ASFC03 re0 set groups re1 system host-name ASFC03 re1 Hope this helps. Please mark " Accept as solution " if this answers your query. Kudos are appreciated too! Regards...

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RE: How to access PFE and RE modes of Junos

Hi PL2, Greetings, Looks like the p fe commands that you shared are valid for PTX 10003/PTX10008 and these are not available on the MX 960 or other platforms. The method still remains the same: Login to FPC shell and run the pfe command. Alternatively, you could...

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RE: Junos for mx80 install media vs install package

Hello fiber9, Greetings! There are majorly 2 types of Upgrade process- USB upgrade and CLI upgrade. Generally, instal-media packages are used during a USB upgrade. The normal...

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How to add huge list of ips to prefix-list using CLI

How to add a huge list of IPs in one go to prefix-list using cli ? for example add all those ips #prefix-list #ip #policy-options #cli #blockip

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Scripting How-To: Converting a Junos XML Configuration to a Junos OS CLI Configuration

You could craft a template that makes a best-effort conversion from a Junos XML configuration to a Junos OS CLI configuration as shown in the following example: From: <protocols> <bgp> <group> <name>23</name> <import>policy1<...

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Scripting How-To: View complete REST calls using equivalent CLI commands

If you want to see the REST call associated with a particular CLI command for OpenStack (nova, neutron, keystone, glance, etc) then just add the --debug flag to the command and you’ll see the entire REST API exchange. Very useful if you’re trying to understand what is required in the API. ...