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Scripting How-To: Display similar output to the Cisco IOS command "show interface status"

By Erdem posted 08-14-2015 15:46



Display Similar Output to the Cisco IOS "show interface status" Command


For SLAX version 1.0 and higher, you can use the show-interface-status script to mirror the Cisco IOS command "show interface status".


This script displays the logical-interface name, status, VLAN members, speed, and duplex of the Ethernet switching-interfaces on the system. It provides similar output to the Cisco IOS command "show interface status".


A command-line argument exists (interface) that filters the exact interface. Error checking is performed based on the interface you enter.

Source Code and GitHub Links


The source code below is also available from the following GitHub locations:



Example Configuration

1 set system scripts op file show-interface-status.slax

Example Output

01 user@cli# run op show-interface-status
02 Interface    Physical Description     Logical Description      Status VLAN Members  Vlan-Id  Port-mode   In(bps)   Out(bps)  In-Err    Out-Err   Speed-Conf  Duplex-Conf  Flow-Ctrl-Conf  Speed(neg)  Duplex(neg)  Flow-Ctrl(neg)
03 ae6.0                                                          up     IC-to-ISG     100      untagged   186080    187144                        3Gbps                   disabled                                            
04 ae7.0                                                          down   default       100      untagged   0         0                             Unspecified              disabled                                            
05 ge-0/0/0.0                                                     up     IC-to-ISG     100      untagged   45496     320544                        Auto        Auto         enabled         1000 Mbps   full-duplex None       
06 ge-0/0/1.0                                                     up     IC-to-ISG     100      untagged   0         366048                        Auto        Auto         enabled         1000 Mbps   full-duplex None       
07 ge-0/0/2.0                                                     up     IC-to-ISG     100      untagged   46040     321568                        Auto        Auto         enabled         1000 Mbps   full-duplex None       
08 ge-0/0/3.0                                                     up     IC-to-ISG     100      untagged   0         366048                        Auto        Auto         enabled         1000 Mbps   full-duplex None       
09 ge-0/0/6.0                                                     up     IC-to-ISG     100      untagged   47032     319520                        1000mbps    Full-Duplex  enabled                                             
10 ge-0/0/8.0                                                     down   default       100      untagged   0         0                             1000mbps    Full-Duplex  enabled                                             
11 ge-0/0/18.0                                                    up     IC-to-ISG     100      untagged   0