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How do I upgrade the J-Web Application package?

By Erdem posted 02-09-2016 08:16



How do I upgrade the J-Web Application package?


The J-Web packaging supports two new features:


  • Auto update feature - Every time you log in to the J-Web interface, the auto update feature checks the Juniper Networks server for the availability of the latest version of Application package. If the latest version is available, you are prompted for installation.

    NOTE: Internet connectivity is required for the auto update feature to work. However, the Internet connectivity can be either from the switch or from the computer.
  • Manual update feature - You also have the option of checking for the availability of the latest Application package at the Juniper Networks’ download website (Downloads) and installing an available update on your switch by using the J-Web interface or CLI.

There is no need to reboot the switch after the installation. The J-Web Application package is hot pluggable and installs on top of the current Junos OS image.


You can view details of the J-Web packages installed on your switch in the About window in the J-Web interface, or in the output of the show version command in the Junos OS CLI.


For more information, click J-Web User Interface Overview.