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  • Posted in: Junos OS

    We have a cluster at one site that is configured with a single 4100 node. It's come time once again for code upgrades. My question is even though the cluster consists of a single node, does the upgrade require any additional steps outside of a non-ISSU image upgrade? ------------------------------ CLINT ...

  • Posted in: Switching

    From PE1, can you ping the ICCP peer, and/or vice versa from PE-4. I'm thinking you may need to establish the ICCP session via a non-q-in-q interface. Any particular reason your doing it that way(via q-in-q)???

  • Posted in: SRX

    Hello, i am setting up an SRX as per object for my VDSL. I researched the internet and saw that it is necessary to use firmware 2.16 to allow vectoring. Is it possible somehow to download the file to update this module? Thanks a lot! Model: srx110h2-va JUNOS Software Release [12.3X48-D105.4] Part ...

  • Posted in: SRX

    Hello there, We updated our SRX340s a few months ago to version 21.2R1.10. Since then we came across an ongoing error, which is confusing our monitoring System. the active cluster-node runs into an error on the snmp request for the interface table. This error occures kind of frequently, but is not ...

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