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A research-driven circle where members share feedback to help impact Juniper's direction. Members gain opportunities for rewards through e-gift cards and exclusive content. To become a member, simply click “Join Community” and follow the quick prompts.

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  • Recently, we hosted a survey here where some Innovators Circle members shared their feedback for a potential new dashboard for Network Administrators. Well, I am happy to announce that Juniper not only found this feedback helpful but Juniper's Customer ...

  • I have been working as a contractor for over 5 years now and 90% of my work has been from home. COVID has prevented me from visiting customer sites and travelling internationally to work with our customers. For me. working from home (unless physical ...

  • Welcome back Kyla, congrats on your graduation from Stanford and your new job with Juniper! -Aaron Gould ------------------------------ Aaron Gould Senior Network Engineer ---------------------- ...

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    RE: The March Back to Office

    Ideal Working Mode: I was never really enthusiastic about work-from-home, because I've always believed that human relationships hinge on being able to see each other. As a remote worker, you become a bit like a "cog in the machine" where work just happens, ...

  • Welcome! ------------------------------ BRANDON TRASK ------------------------------

  • What is your ideal working mode? Fully in person, fully at home or a hybrid of the two? Why is that? Working remote (Fully at home) for me and going in when necessary. Less distractions and 'drive bys'. Saves ton of money being able to cook at home, ...

  • I've been working 100% from home since March 2020. Over the last 2 years, like other companies, mine too, has called for return to work, but had to cancel it because of raised COVID/variant levels and cases. Currently, my company hasn't made an official ...


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