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Junivator Diary: How Juniper celebrated Halloween

  • 1.  Junivator Diary: How Juniper celebrated Halloween

    Posted 11-07-2023 12:09

    Hi Innovators!

    I hope your November has been off to a wonderful start. I'm based in Northern California where the leaves are starting to turn red and yellow-nothing puts me in the holiday mood quite like seeing fall foliage as I go on walks in my neighborhood. Some houses still have their Halloween decorations up, and it always gives me a kick to see a fake tombstone jutting out of a front yard or a giant spider leering at me from a bush.

    Speaking of Halloween, Juniper hosted our Q4 company meeting on that day. The theme of the meeting is Dr. Marvis' Lab, and the executives sportingly dressed up as mad scientists. Just check out the costumes worn by our COO (left) and CEO: 

    Our Group VP for AIDE Enterprise joked that as is typical of Asian moms, his mother wanted to see him become a doctor. And he finally got to live up to her expectations by putting on a lab coat for this meeting.

    There were also those who leaned into the Halloween mood in other ways: one of our Senior VPs dressed up as Superman and gave a great soundbite: "There's a superhero in all of us as long as you're willing to put on a cape."

    Meanwhile, my personal favorite costume was the pumpkin jacket worn by our CFO:

    Many Junivators also came decked out in their own spooky costumes and accessories. It was certainly a company meeting unlike any other!

    I cannot believe there are only two more months left of 2023. What are you looking forward to in Q4-be it in your professional and/or your personal lives? Let us know in the comments below!

    Kyla Jiayi Zhao