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A research-driven circle where members share feedback to help impact Juniper's direction. Members gain opportunities for rewards through e-gift cards and exclusive content. To become a member, simply click “Join Community” and follow the quick prompts.

Study feedback: Juniper's training and learning programs!

  • 1.  Study feedback: Juniper's training and learning programs!

    Posted 03-28-2024 14:33

    Hi Innovators,  

    I hope your March has been going great! Some of you recently participated in our study about Juniper's training and learning programs--thank you so much for your thoughtful input. Here's what Lawrence Rust, Technical Training Senior Manager at Juniper, wanted to tell you all:

    "We’ve conducted a number of great, authentic interviews with IC members over the past 2 weeks. The conversations provided our Education Services team with excellent insights into our Open Learning Program: e.g. the most important features to users like yourself; members’ motivations for becoming certified and/or participating in the program.

    We’re using this information to better plan enhancements to and communications about the Open Learning program. Look for news on our findings in the coming weeks.

    And thank you to the Innovator’s Circle for being supportive of Juniper and our efforts to bring great products and programs to engineers around the world."

    --Lawrence Rust, Technical Training Senior Manager

    Thank you, 

    Innovators Circle team 

    Juniper Networks 

    Kyla Jiayi Zhao