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Ipv6 interface connectivity issue

Hi all, I am currently doing the junos genius JNCIA certification track and have come across an issue i cannot solve. In the Routing Fundamentals lab step 2.1 it instructs to configure the ipv6 address: set ge-0/0/1 unit 0 family inet6 address fda1::1/126 set lo0/0 unit 0...

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Passing LDP labels between Routing-instance and Inet.3

Hi 1- I have a vMX router(JMX1). on this router I have a routing-instance type virtual-router(Routing-instance MPLS) which has one interface inside of it. 2- There is another router which is connected to this interface.(JMX2) 3- Also there is another Interface which is not in this...

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BGP lab scenario

Hi all, Starting out with bgp fundamentals. I have a 2 router topology and am trying to establish an iBGP session between them: -- R0 --xe-/4/1/18---xe-3/0/0-- R1 -- R0: === show protocols bgp ( group ibgp ( type internal; local-address; neighbor; ) ) ...

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routing on a EX4300

Hi all, on my juniper ex4300 is receive routes with tag 666 end i don't want do redisribute them. so i have: set policy-options policy-statement export-to-ospf term tag666 from tag 666 set policy-options policy-statement export-to-ospf term tag666 then reject ...

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Bridge domain lab scenario

I have a 2 router setup: Device1 --xe-4/1/16-- R0 --xe-/4/1/18--xe-3/0/0-- R1 --xe-3/0/2--- Device2 Will tagged packets from device1 reach device2 which would be in same vlan for e.g. vlan 27? If so, can someone explain life of the packet? How will it traverse? Can it traverse across...