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  • 1.  Static route with multiple next-hops

    Posted 04-30-2020 03:41



    I need to deploy a basic type of redundancy for a system I have via static route using lowest preference:

    next-hop Node1 = = preferred = preference 2

    next-hop Node2 = = not preferred = default preference 5



    mkh@lab> show configuration routing-options static
    route {
                qualified-next-hop {
                 preference 2;



    mkh@lab> show route   *[Static/2] 00:01:09
                                        > to via ae2.114
                                       [Static/5] 00:00:14
                                        > to via ae2.114


    In theory, will stay the active route till it isn't REACHABLE 


    But what does it mean by reachable here?

    - Having ARP entry for?

    - pingable?

    - there is an active route to reach next-hop?


    In my case is configured directly to ae2.114, so there is always an active route to reach both next-hops. 


    When I test that in the lab, is always active even if it is down, and no ARP for.


    So in a few words, I need to achieve similarity to use "track" in Cisco


    Is the only solution to use BFD then?








  • 2.  RE: Static route with multiple next-hops
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-30-2020 04:45



    @mkhachfeh wrote:


    Is the only solution to use BFD then?




    What is the platform?

    In SRX, You have IP monitoring

    In MX, You have RPM tracking