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SNMP object posted as Access read-write but acts like its RO ... Name pethPsePortAdminEnable OID Syntax INTEGER Access read-write Status current Description true (1) An interface which can provide the PSE functions. false...

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If Syslog not sent

Hello Community! I am seeking for a solution to create an alert if there was no syslog message received by NMS for a specified period of time. I gave up trying to set that up in NMS's we are using, so I wondering if there's a way to implement that on JunOS side. Implied logic ...

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Traps on a EX-2300 switch - BPDU - how to send a trap on enable

We are working on getting notifications for ports that go into a BPDU state when a loop happens. And once again the newer EX-2300 switches are causing issues. (I really hate how inconsistent these switches are.) So we have a trap receiver set up and we are sending BPDU traps to it. What...

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Interface Statistics Graph on Cacti (SNMP) No Update.

Hi, I am using juniper vMX 17.2R13. I want to monitor that vMX with Cacti (running on Ubuntu 18.04 with PHP 7.2). I am running a minimal configuration for SNMP: [edit snmp] description "Juniper vMX 17.2"; location "DC1, Kebumen, Indonesia"; contact ""; community...

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RE: High routing engine CPU because of snmp / mib2d process

Hello Beeelzebub, beelze@ams-nik-er2> show system processes extensive | except 0.00 last pid: 33774; load averages: 4.08, 3.79, 3.53 up 762+06:50:43 11:01:54 165 processes: 8 running, 129 sleeping, 28 waiting Mem: 1413M Active, 168M Inact, 227M Wired, 63M Cache, 112M Buf, 111M...