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RE: EX2300 running 18.1R3.3. not able to change speed for DAC connector on XE ports

A DAC cable is essentially SFP's with cable built in. SFP's are set to a particular speed in hardware. I'm not aware of any way to change this (in any vendor). I'm also not aware of any 1G DAC cables. You could buy 1G SFPs and run fibre or copper cables. #DAC #speed #SFP

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Preferred way to stack EX 3400 switches

This may be a newbie type question, but we are moving from EX 3300s to 3400s for our access switches in one of our buildings, and I was wondering about the prefferd way to stack (VC) these. The 3400s come with 2 40GbE QSFP+ ports in the back in addition to the 4 SFP+ ports up front.... so I was...

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Help | EX2300 uplink port down after firmware upgrade to 18.1R3.3

Hi, I just upgraded firmware on EX2300 from 15.1X53-D59.4 to 18.1R3.3 and 1Gb uplink port stop working (stop flashing). Of course I tried reboot switch and replace SFP transceiver. PRODUCT NUMBER: SFP-1GE-T PART NUMBER: 740-038291 Anyone can help me resolve this...

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Juniper support for 10/25G SFP - Do they support dual rate SFP ?

Hello Team, Just had a query on Juniper data center QFX series switches >> Does Juniper support 10/25G SFP ? If yes, then Does Juniper QFX serires have the dual rate SFP ! We would really appreciate your quick response. Thanks in advance ! #QFX ...

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RE: Old Optics in New Switches, Any Benefit to Replace Them?

Hi, First offtopic - depending on intended use EX3400 may or may not be most suitable replacement for EX4200. EX4300 is direct replacement for EX4200. If needed check here: