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  • Greetings Juniper Community! This is the first post in an eight-part series of community posts sharing tips and information on one of the hidden benefits of Juniper Care Services, Juniper Support Insights (JSI). JSI extends support automation & lifecycle ...

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  • Don't delay, upgrade from Junos releases 12.x, 14.x, 15.x, and 16.x! Effective February 15, 2024, Junos releases 14.x and 16.x cases will no longer be eligible for technical support. Effective August 31, 2024, Junos releases 12.x ...

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  • Hi Shannon, it took me quite some time to figure this out. I just got the following feedback from the JTAC engineers via ticket: ``` >> Please be informed Junos 23.4 is not available yet for SRX300 series devices. https://supportportal.juniper.net/s/article/Need-to-update-Junos-but-cannot-find-any-download-link ...

  • Dear all. I'm making a topo test DCI using vMX (using 23.2R1-S2.5 version). As configure evpn instance for DCI, I got this error [edit routing-instances EVPN_COMPUTE_10 protocols evpn] 'interconnect' EVPN: Only encapsulation mpls allowed ...

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    RE: SRX300 make secure

    What you need to adjust are the security policy for the untrust to trust zone. Currently this is open and allows all inbound traffic to all addresses. Security policy for outbound initiated traffic is covered by the trust to untrust rule and sounds ...

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    SRX300 make secure

    Hello, As I am new to network technology, I need some help. I have an SRX300 in the office which receives a public IP address on WAN7 via DHCP (BOOTP). A /29 network from the ISP is routed to this WAN7 IP. This network is then to be statically ...

  • I forgot to also mention, that there are some great resources available to help get a better understanding of automating Junos. Here are some links to free resources. Day One: Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy This Week: Mastering Junos Automation ...


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