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  • Don't delay, upgrade from Junos releases 12.x, 14.x, 15.x, and 16.x! Effective February 15, 2024, Junos releases 14.x and 16.x cases will no longer be eligible for technical support. Effective August 31, 2024, Junos releases 12.x ...

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  • For the vpn troubleshooting the logging level would need to be increased to information level to get detailed messages as noted in the kb. Also verify that vpn monitoring is either not in use or adjusted as needed per the later steps. On the upgrade ...

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    RE: RPC Portmapping on MX204

    Hi, several notes: I suppose you'd want all interface to be protected, right? For that it's most straightforward to just apply a filter to lo0 (and remove the one on the interface to avoid confusion). That way you can also do without the "from ...

  • Thank you Steve for the prompt reply and really appreciated. First issue, for the tunnel up/down, this is only happening when traffic started otherwise tunnel always are up and not fluctuating, I tested SRX 5800 with same config and it's working ...

  • For a vpn that is going up/down follow the outline in this kb article to identify the cause. https://supportportal.juniper.net/s/article/SRX-How-to-troubleshoot-a-VPN-tunnel-that-is-going-up-and-down?language=en_US Upgrades from the EOL version ...

  • Hi, I have srx 5400 just recently installed and setup done for ipsec, tunnel is stable if no traffic, but tunnel is going up/down when traffic started. Traffic is less than 7 GB, but link BW is 20G, so I don't think this causing issue. There is ...

  • WOW! It worked! Thank you so much! ------------------------------ Yan Gorelik ------------------------------


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