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MX BNG attribute nas-port format and domain stripping

Hi I am trying to port an IOS-XE BNG config over to Junos. I have an entry on my cisco which states: aaa group server radius FREERADIUS server-private auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 timeout 3 retransmit 2 ip radius source-interface Loopback20 attribute nas-port format...

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Bridge domain lab scenario

I have a 2 router setup: Device1 --xe-4/1/16-- R0 --xe-/4/1/18--xe-3/0/0-- R1 --xe-3/0/2--- Device2 Will tagged packets from device1 reach device2 which would be in same vlan for e.g. vlan 27? If so, can someone explain life of the packet? How will it traverse? Can it traverse across...

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Can't install new routes into forwarding table

Hi I found my router's forwading table is stuck. It is stopped to install any routes into forwarding table, includes static/bpg routes. We also tried to set new default route or any static routes, but it's still failed. Is there any way to reinstall it or restart any...

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aggregated inline service not passing static NAT traffic

I'm working on setting up inline static NAT on an MX480 with two MPC 3D 16x 10GE cards in it. I can get it working with just one hardware interface: # show services service-set static-nat-test nat-rules dst-nat-list-rule; interface-service ( service-interface si-0/1/0; ) ...

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Question about Application hosting support for the MX and the SRX routers families

Hi experts! I saw some posts about vmx and how its deployed to allow Docker support for app hosting and also the ones about the SRX family app hosting capabilities, However, I am not 100% clear whether the entire MX and SRX routers family have support for app hosting via Docker or any other...