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MX204 Fusion Provider Edge

Hello, I'm running a MX204 with 18.1R2, upon enabling Fusion to bring online a EX4300 satellite I get the following errors repeated every minute in the log files; sdpd[57611]: %DAEMON-4: SD-PFEMAN: PFE-SD-LNK-MGR(Master) clean up, old state Established kernel: %KERN-4...

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Slow throughput-dropped connections- ex4300 core-ex3400 access switches

Hello all…I wanted to pick some brains and see if anyone can shed some light on a network issue I am having. Topology is: (see attached pdf) 3 (double stacked) EX3400 access switches -- connected to a double stacked building core switch (4300) – connected to a stacked campus core (4600) ...


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L2Circuit Connection support on vMX 19.1

I wonder does vMX 19.1 which is used in Juniper vLABs support L2VPN(L2circuit connection)? Thank you for your help and support #vmx #JUNOS

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Passing LDP labels between Routing-instance and Inet.3

Hi 1- I have a vMX router(JMX1). on this router I have a routing-instance type virtual-router(Routing-instance MPLS) which has one interface inside of it. 2- There is another router which is connected to this interface.(JMX2) 3- Also there is another Interface which is not in this...

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BGP lab scenario

Hi all, Starting out with bgp fundamentals. I have a 2 router topology and am trying to establish an iBGP session between them: -- R0 --xe-/4/1/18---xe-3/0/0-- R1 -- R0: === show protocols bgp ( group ibgp ( type internal; local-address; neighbor; ) ) ...