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EVPN-VXLAN End hosts cannot ping l3 gateways on spine switches

Hi all I have a two spine and two leaf setup. I connected my end hosts to both leafs i.e multihomed way. I have configured EVPN-VXLAN on my leaf-spine switches. After configuration I can ping the IRBs configured on spine switches from leaf switches. But I can't ping the IRBs on spine...

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RE: RE: Question regarding clos architecture used in IP fabrics

Check out the video below: I created this video a couple of years ago around VXLAN and EVPN. It's not for Juniper (I had never touched a Juniper device at that time), but the architecture part will be relevant for any vendor. #EVPN #vxlan

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EVPN - IP address not included in Type 2 route

Hi all, I have configured a rather straightforward EVPN/VXLAN implementation in EVE. 2 spine and 4 leaf switches. EBGP underlay and MP-IBGP\VXLAN overlay. I am successfully pinging between two hosts on different leaf switches at L2, however I noticed that ARP requests were being sent...

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Switch Won't Learn MAC Addresses

Hello I have a problem, which I believe, is a configuration problem between an existing datacenter to a QFX acts as a vlan gateway Here is the topology. followed by the problem I have Two sites, on each site there's a Leaf-Spine datacenter topology, both have an edge-leaf which...

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Q in VNI and overlapping vlans in a evpn/vxlan ip fabric - is this configuration supposed to work?!

Hello, we have bought a few QFX5120 switches, Our company is going to offer colocation in our new datacenter, and I intend to use evpn with vxlan in this setup. I will not route any customer traffic on my switches, because I/they will do all routing externally. Therefor, each customer...

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vxlan L3 gateway best way to reach rest of the network?

Hi experts. I have followed the IaaS: EVPN and VXLAN Solution and is working as it should. Next step is to decied how the rest of the network should reach the DC. Should I setup a new bgp from each routing-instance in the spine to my PE router to get connectivty to the rest of the...

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commit script question

Hi I have an IP fabric based on qfx5100 with VXLAN/EVPN. I wish to make a commit script so that my users simply need to add a vlan name and ID and then commit. the script will create all the EVPN/VXLAN related config parts. all vlans configured on the box will support vxlan. ...

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Expert Advice: Integrating Bare Metal Devices with Contrail by Using EVPN-VXLAN

To learn about integrating bare metal devices with Contrail by using EVPN-VXLAN, see this blog post. #ExpertAdvice #EVPN-VXLAN #Contrail #Baremetaldevices