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Ask questions and share experiences with SD-WAN and Session Smart Router (formerly 128T).

If you have a question or a use case, likely there are others who are experiencing or worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge! Post here or in the following product groups: 

Session Smart Conductor
Session Smart Router Features

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  • HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!! I can't believe we're already towards the end of September! In New England, we're entering the fall months, which means leaves changing colors, apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes and…FEATURE FRIDAYSSSSSS! (Okay, Feature ...

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  • Hey @Austin ! ​​ First off, I want to say it is so great to hear from you! Thank you so much for the feedback and for the questions! I love reading about your use case. I would not have thought that extending your L2 network would be the thing that ...

  • Hi! Earlier this week I built a H/A conductor pair: I followed this document: Software version 5.5.4 Built from the AWS marketplace AMI image Two conductor nodes in AWS, in ...

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  • Hi, I have installed couple of SSRs on NFX platforms specifically NFX150 and here are my quick notes (I assume NFX350 is similar): set system root-authentication plain-text-password delete security delete protocols delete interfaces delete vmhost delete ...

  • Great write up Justin! What is the limitation that forces an EoSVR bridge to only be configured between two routers? will an EoSVR with a Point to Multi-Point configuration on the SSR road map? If so, is there a time frame? We are utilizing EoSVR ...

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  • Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any example configurations for NFX-350 boxes that they have used to implement the SSR routers and conductors. I'm struggling to find any documentation on how Juniper suggests the SSR software be integrated ...

  • Hey @Mark ! Thank you for sharing that! I did not realize that you could see some of the metadata with Session Capture. That's a really cool feature and will make it much easier for people who are trying to see what the metadata looks like. Just a ...


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