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Slow throughput-dropped connections- ex4300 core-ex3400 access switches

Hello all…I wanted to pick some brains and see if anyone can shed some light on a network issue I am having. Topology is: (see attached pdf) 3 (double stacked) EX3400 access switches -- connected to a double stacked building core switch (4300) – connected to a stacked campus core (4600) ...


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EVPN-VXLAN End hosts cannot ping l3 gateways on spine switches

Hi all I have a two spine and two leaf setup. I connected my end hosts to both leafs i.e multihomed way. I have configured EVPN-VXLAN on my leaf-spine switches. After configuration I can ping the IRBs configured on spine switches from leaf switches. But I can't ping the IRBs on spine...

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irb with multile vlan-id (vlan-id-list not supported) traffic between vlans

Hi! I have a question: NETWORK VLAN-ID VLAN 1 10/20 VLAN 2 30 I have these 2 vlans: 1 and 2 Vlan 1 has two IDs: 10 and 20 I need VLAN1 devices to communicate inter-fw with VLAN2. For this I wanted to use IRB interfaces: ...

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RE: Issues with IRB and trunk

I eventually founf ou what the problem was. It was this statement set interfaces ae0 vlan-tagging So my investigation is shown that if you add vlan tagging to a interface where you create a trunk it somwhow corrupts the vlan in a way that it can't be trunked anymore. Not even vlan...

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SIP voice service from l2 vlan to internet through SRX345

Hi to all, I have a customer who has an SRX345 as a gateway. In its ge-0/0/1 interface has two vlan, the default vlan untagged and the voice vlan tagged. In the voice VLAN, the SRX acts as dhcp server for the phones addressment assignment. The address assignment is working properly and...