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irb with multile vlan-id (vlan-id-list not supported) traffic between vlans

Hi! I have a question: NETWORK VLAN-ID VLAN 1 10/20 VLAN 2 30 I have these 2 vlans: 1 and 2 Vlan 1 has two IDs: 10 and 20 I need VLAN1 devices to communicate inter-fw with VLAN2. For this I wanted to use IRB interfaces: ...

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RE: Measuring interface throughput limit?

Hello elboertjie, > Push as much own-generated traffic through Device A to Device B If you want to test if the device is capable of 100 Gbps transit traffic, you can connect traffic generator hardware (like IXIA or EXFO) with 100G transceivers on both sides and start the...

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Route-based ipsec SRX4100-ASA traffic selectors 1 subnet to many behind ASA

The IPsec configured is failing at phase 2 with the error "[Nov 5 11:02:00][165.X.X.X <-> 74.X.X.X] Authenticated Phase-2 notification `No proposal chosen’ (14) data size 4 from 74.X.X.X for protocol ESP with invalid spi[0...16]=ac 37 1d 45 16 59 9f a9 f2 c9 a0 54 37 5f 51 75 causes" on...

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migration from ospf to ospf3

Hello everyone, recently Ive been thinking about migrating from our current ospf (for v4) and ospfv3 (for v6) to only ospf3 (for v4 and v6) using realms. I labbed this and have 2 questions: 1- we use mpls/ldp/rsvp over ospf at this time which means we are using traffic-engineering...

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SRX - Monitoring Traffic per ip address

Dear Geeks , I have SRX210HE2 , i need to know bw usage per ip ? is it possible and how ? BR Mohammad R. #monitor #SRX #bandwidth #ip #traffic