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SRX 300 series with Security Subscription and Junos Space

I'm going to make a BOM for SRX345 with some security features on board, but I've some problem to combine correctly every SKU needed. For example I need: - AppSecure - Juniper SkyATP - Antivirus ...and is not clear if I have to: - Included JSE (with app secure...

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RE: How to play?

You can have a look on the new branch-office SRX family: #SRX

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How-To: Configure conditional route advertising on SRX Series devices

The following example shows how to configure conditional route advertisement on an SRX Series device. In this example, the SRX Series device must advertise the route to AS1111 if the route exists on the SRX Series device that is advertised from the IBGP neighbor. Additionally, the SRX Series device uses a NAT to to make a Web Application available publicly

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RE: SRX Sizing

You will also get the detailed explanation of different attributes like performance, services supported, Junos release, Availability, Hardware guide and many other SRX Series Compare Products:,SRX300,SRX4000,SRX4600,SRX5400,SRX550,SRX5600,SRX5800 Security Products Comparison Chart: juniper-srx-security-products-comparison-branch-campus-models.pdf: Explore the feature supported on each device by clicking on the desired model: I hope this helps

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Can you use Junos automation scripts to update a virus definition file?

Question Is it possible to use Junos automation scripts to add a new virus signature to an SRX Series device?

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Scripting How-To: Use the track-ip script to implement the Track-IP feature on the SRX platforms

Use the Track-IP Feature on SRX Platforms For SLAX 1.0 version 1.0 and higher, you can use the track-ip event script to implement the Track-IP feature on the SRX platforms. For SRX platforms, the Track-IP feature allows for path and next-hop validation through the existing...

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Does Junos OS support chassis clustering (high availability) for PKI certificates?

Answer Currently, the SRX Series devices support high availability (HA) for PKI certificates

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RE: SRX Active\Active

Active/Active for SRX (SRX 3400, SRX 3600, SRX 5600, and SRX 5800 devices) is now supported (JunOS 9.5) See this link for more info: US/junos9.5/information-products/topic-collections/release-notes/9.5/srx-series-new-features.html#rn-junos-srx-new-features #HA #SRX

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Filter Based Forwarding to Specific Outgoing Interface on SRX

Hi, On MX series we can achieve filter based forwarding by just defining the next-interface in the then stanza according to this link US/junos12.2/topics/topic-map/filter-based-forwarding-policy-based-routing.html#jd0e330 Is there anyway to achieve this on SRX ?