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EVPN Loop protection

Hi I am looking at an EVPN design that has the potential risk for the introduction of external links between attached CE devices. I have been looking at this rfc proposal: this describes pretty much the...

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Loop / flood in network after moving from EX to QFX

Hello, We have the following topology: CORE3 = EX4550-32T, 12.3R6.6 CORE3-New = QFX5100, 18.1R3-S7.1 CORE1 = EX4550-32F, 12.3R6.6 CORE3 config: set forwarding-options analyzer VOIP input ingress interface xe-1/0/24.0 set forwarding-options analyzer VOIP input ingress interface...

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Srx240 boot loop after uboot

I have a problem with a srx240, bootlooping I have included a image of the loop #SRX240 #Boot-loop

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RE: MPLS L3VPN bookdoor link scenario

Hi, Let's start with the fact that in the case depicted in your link, there's no way a routing loop can occur. In a little more complex scenario a routing loop can easily occur.(see attach) In this topology, administrators want all outbound traffic(inter-site) to pass though CE2-PE2, and they...

1602380C-7085-4F34-975F-7504652C84B2-1-Sample_Routing-Loop without SOO.jpg