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reordering security policy's in different configuration groups

Hi i have two two security policies currently configured under the same from and to zones, for example trust-zone and untrust-zone. one of the policies is attached to a group for example "3rdparty" the other has no group attached to it when i try to use the "insert before" ...

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RIB-GROUPS: can an import-policy filter-out primary-table's prefixes ??

Hi there, Does the following config filter out bgp prefixes from the primary-table inet.0 as well as from the secondary table test.inet.0 ? My understanding is that the RIB-GROUP import-policy does not process prefixes destined for the primary-table but only for the secondary-table(s). ...

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RE: srx chasis cluster redundancy groups

If you are looking for best design practices, then the answer really depends of your network requirements which means that It's not needed to have every interface into a different RG. Most important thing you need to take care about is how much traffic is passing through the device then...

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Groups applying configuration to wrong interfaces

Due to cabling reasons, I need to confgure all odd ports on an EX4300 in one vlan, and all even ports on another. Our prefered "default" configuration method is by use of groups. However when trying to apply these groups I'm getting unexpected results. groups ( group a ( interfaces ( ...

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Junos configuration groups

Hi. I'm learning configuration groups and have a question. suppose these commands: set groups TEST GROUP interface "<em[45]>" unit 0 family inet mtu 5000 set interface em4 apply-groups TEST GROUP with regard to these commands, what is the purpose of "<em[45]>" or...