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SRX345 lockdown aleatory

Hi to all, I have a customer who has an SRX345 box. Sometimes the device get frezzed an becomes inaccesible via icmp, web, etc... The device doesn't answer to any traffic via any interface and the customer becomes incomunicated. The only way to recover the device is reboot it. This...

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Redundant internet connection

Hi, please suggest me which way is the best to achieve what I need as I kinda lost in the variants. It's probably a trivial question so the reply is probably just a link to the right article on topic. I have the SRX 3xx as a gateway device. Hoster provides it with two Internet...

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SRX Remote syslog tls

Hello, Is it possible to send remote syslog messages with TLS encryption to a remote syslog server like rsyslog? Does anyone have any configuration examples for this, so far I have only been able to find example where the SRX is collecting the logs. #syslog #TLS #encrypted ...

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The use of general-ikeid

Hello, I have been setting up advpn as part of a deployment using ecdsa-signatures-256. Root CA and Local Certificate are successfully loaded onto the box. Using the documentation: US/junos/topics/topic-map/security-auto-discovery-vpns...

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SRX logs are not showing locally in the monitoring

Hello, I'm not able to see logs in my J-web even though I configured event mode and a file, I'm seeing the image I attached it the J-Web and below is my configuration root@SRX-1# show security log ( mode event; ) root# show system syslog archive size 100k...