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Junos CoS Classification

I am reviewing the JNCIE-ENT self study bundle and am confused by some CoS configuration. The examples given guide the user through creating both dscp and ieee802.1p classifiers. Then they are instructed to apply the dscp classifiers to all L3 interfaces and apply the ieee802.1p classifiers to...

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MX 960 Flow based QOS, specifucally user based Rate-limiting or not ?

Hello Team, as a partner , we need some clarity on Juniper MX960 platform . Does Juniper MX960 support Flow based QOS, specifucally user based Rate-limiting or not . ? USE CASE- Internet SP BNG We know that it supports DPI, R ate-limit (based on a percentage of physical...

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configure QoS for a port with specific Access List match

I am looking to configure my QFX5100 32Q switch with a QoS for a specific ACL match. 1) I would like to specifiy a ACL rule (with match field based on 5-tuple) 2) For the traffic that matches the 5-tuple I would like to define QoS metric with action such as: DSCP marking and Rate-limiting...

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Applying QoS rewrite rules defaults scheduler map

There is a "jncie-cos" scheduler map applied to all interfaces (ge-*). After applying rewrite rules to some interface, scheduler map on this interface shown as "<default>". After deleting the rewrite rules scheduler map changes back to "jncie-cos". Please advise if it is a bug or a feature...

225867CA-AB69-4A61-813A-EEC62FB54CB3-1-QoS lab.txt

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RE: Issue with internet speed customers PE juniper MX104

Hello; Thanks for your reply, find below the output you requested. Note I have tested also without class-of-service setup on edge interface (xe-0/0/0), the result was the same, all customers with bandwidth 1Gbit/s can't reach it on their down traffic. Currently all customers with 1Gbit/s...