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Loop / flood in network after moving from EX to QFX

Hello, We have the following topology: CORE3 = EX4550-32T, 12.3R6.6 CORE3-New = QFX5100, 18.1R3-S7.1 CORE1 = EX4550-32F, 12.3R6.6 CORE3 config: set forwarding-options analyzer VOIP input ingress interface xe-1/0/24.0 set forwarding-options analyzer VOIP input ingress interface...

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JunOS version for QFX5100

Hi, I want to upgrade JunOS on some of the QFX5100 that are in production. I found that the JTAC recommended version for this model is 18.1R3-S9 / 18.4R2-S3. I have selected 18.4R2-S3 to be installed on my devices. However, this version has more variants available to download, i.e. ...

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JunOS update on QFX5100 Virtual Chassis

Hi, I have a 3 member QFX5100 VC in production environment and I would like to update the JunOS image on it. The current version is 14.1X53-D40.8 and the future one will be 18.4R2-S3, which is the recommended version. I would like to know the following: 1. What is the best...

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Interfaces configured with CoS not appearing in forwarding-table output

Hi all, I am working on a QFX5100-48S-6Q running JUNOS 14.1X53-D30.3. I have configured CoS on some of the switch's interfaces and was using 'show' commands to review my configuration when I found that interfaces on which I've configured CoS are not appearing the CoS forwarding table. ...

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IRB and VRRP on QFX10ks MC-LAG

Hi Everyone, Im working on a set of QFX 10008s running VRRP over IRB interfaces to provide a gateway for the connected Vlans. We have an issue where some random traffic is getting dropped. While troubleshooting with ATAC. We noticed that both nodes seem to respond to arp for the virtual mac...