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MPLS was Stuck sometimes or new router joins into this backbone.

Hi, Sometimes, my backbone will be suck and need to reboot RE. Or when I add new router into my backbone. It will be stuck again. While this issue happens, first, I can't ping by certain IP of this new router, but some IP can. MPLS label exists normally. Then...


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RE: Forwarding end-to-end lacp accross l2circuit (EX4550)

Hi all; I had a real case of this, I can confirm lacp traffic is forward also end-to-end accross l2circuit, in others words, any incoming packets on interface attached to l2circuit is forward to the remote end-point interface attached to that circuit. Test done with EX4550 running 12.3R12-S7....

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Forwarding end-to-end lacp accross l2circuit (EX4550)

Hi all I have setup l2circuit between two juniper EX4550 running 12.3R12-S7, at the end at each EX, CPE is connected, the CPE port is on lacp, do by default lacp traffic will be forward or tunnel end-to-end accross l2circuit ? if no how can I achieve this with is junos version ? Thanks for...

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Lacp ethernet cahnnel

i want to configure Ethernet Channel between SRX1400 and Cisco Switch 4500, i did the following configuration but still Ethernet Channel not working properly: SRX1400: chassis ( aggregated-devices ( ethernet ( device-count 5; policies ( from-zone untrust to-zone trust10 ( policy...

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SRX240 cluster with LACP through a Cisco switch

Hi everyone! I would like to ask for some help. We are trying to put together 2 SRX240 firewalls in a cluster with a Cisco switch between them and with LACP between them on the reth interfaces. The control and the fabric link won't work through the switch only when we connect them...

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EX200 to HP Procurve 3400CL trunk LACP problem

PROBLEM: 1. If both trunk UTP cable connected, I can't ping gateway but can if only 1 utp cable connected INFO: -gateway -connection like this JUNIPER EX2200 -> HP Procurve 3400CL -> Gateway -trunk ports in HP 21-24 in EX2200 44-47 CONFIG: HP3400CL# sh run Running...