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  • Do the AP34 and AP34E support RTT (round trip time) measurements? ------------------------------ Andrew Meszaros ------------------------------

  • I have a case where we try to connect an ME-X5 to the network with Juniper LR SFP+ transceiver and single-mode fiber. But we are not able to get it to work. I found this guide: 3. For ME-X5, ME-X5-M and ME-X10 fiber ports; a. Request to use SFP ...

  • Hello DAVOUD, Indeed MIST recommend that you run your APs on the firmware version marked with rc1 in the dropdown. This version will have the newest functionality and bug fixes, but with the possibility of some hiccups. See this page for more information ...

  • I have an office setup with a SSR, EX switches, and AP-33s. Guest SSID/WLAN is associated with Guest VLAN. Guest VLAN is configured on the SSR and the SSR is acting as the DHCP server. When a client connects to the Guest SSID, it gets the proper ...

  • Greetings everyone! This is our first cross-post Feature Friday! We love Feature Fridays so much that we want to share them beyond our SD-WAN community. So, this week we're dipping into the Wireless community to share the fun. We have made it ...

  • You may or may not have used Dynamic Port Configuration in Mist Wired Assurance. I find this feature extremely powerful. If you allow a port config to use DPC, it will listen to LLDP and MAC changes on the ports and automatically place for instance APs, ...

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    RE: Mist EDGE explanation

    Yes, I think you described it very well! You do not need VLAN 100 at the AP, so you can tunnel the client traffic in some other VLAN, or route it back to Edge. Edge needs VLAN 100 and all services like DHCP et al need to be reachable from VLAN 100 (in ...

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