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  • @Justin Yes! "Do you have LAG/LACP?" was a question that students asked in every single class, and understandably so - it's a great feature! You can group ethernet ports together to form a single link layer interface, and the more links that are added ...

  • I'm so glad the problem was identified! I am a bit surprised that Mist didn't pick the honeypot AP up. I'll just might have to do a small test to see if it will in my lab. I asked for a rogue AP, but meant another AP with the same SSID, which is called ...

  • As a follow-up to the follow-up, after swapping out the APs, the problem came back after a while. This time, however, a honeypot SSID was detected. Sure enough, when our vendor replaced the old APs, one was missed in the corner of a small office. It was ...

  • Two quick thoughts: I have seen a number of issues lately with Cromebooks and some HP printers, where the security settings have been changed on the AP, but the client refuses to update to the new settings. If that's the case, try creating a new SSID ...

  • We are a school district that we put up AP-32s and we are experiencing the same issues but seems to not be limited to a subset of APs but all the APs. ------------------------------ AFRIM BAKII ------------------------------

  • Thank you for your quick response. ------------------------------ IHOR SHTANKO ------------------------------

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    RE: AP configuration

    Even when the AP reloads, by default, it will have the critical information like IP addresses, etc being saved. So that once it reboots and is connected to the internet it can reconnect with Mist. We also have another option of "AP Config Persistence" ...

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