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  • Did you ever get this resolved?

  • Hello team, Which firmware version of Mist AP32 do you use today? Which version do you recommend that is stable? BR Davoud ------------------------------ DAVOUD ROSHANZAMIR ------------------------------

  • Hi, Just imagine u extend SSID from your office to your home. That's the purpose of Mist Edge. Thanks

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    Mist EDGE explanation

    Hello Maybe a dumb question, but I cant seem to find a clear answer. Can someone confirm that this a correct understanding of how it works: I set my AP with an SSID and have that mapped to a VLAN "100". I configure the AP to tunnel this vlan to the ...

  • Hi all, May i know whether some success deploy Mist-Edge VM on Google Cloud (GCP). Espescially for "tunterm" driver? Thanks

  • Yes, that should work. It's a straight forward deployment, here is a link to the guide: https://www.mist.com/documentation/mesh-configuration/ Hope that helps ------------------------------ Fred Glauser ------------------------------

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  • I have a customer that needs to establish a pt-pt bridge between 2 buildings. According to the MESH documentation Q&A I found :Is it possible to connect the switch to the mesh relay AP by wire and use it? Yes, it will work if the configurations are ...


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