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Marvis Minis: the only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin

  • 1.  Marvis Minis: the only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin

    Posted 01-29-2024 09:09
    Edited by Selena Mosley 01-29-2024 09:11

    Hi Everyone 

    We're excited to announce the launch of Marvis Minis! 

    Marvis Minis, the only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin, proactively simulates user connections digitally to instantly validate network configurations and detect problems without users being present. Data from Minis is continuously fed back into the Mist AI engine, providing an additional source of insight for the best AIOps responses.  

    Here's what makes Marvis Minis so special: 

    • Always-on for proactive validation of network experiences 

    • Constant contextual learning with no need for manual configuration or adjustment 

    • Comes standard with Marvis VNA subscription - no additional hardware or software required 

    • Dynamic PCAP for quick and easy troubleshooting of failures 

    • Adds/moves/changes validated in seconds vs. days 

    • Fully integrated with Mist AI engine to continuously enrich existing AI models 

    To show you exactly how you can leverage Marvis Minis today, we've put together a bunch of awesome resources you won't want to miss: 

    This is just the beginning of an exciting proactive AI-native journey-let's make Marvis Minis a game-changer together! 

    Selena Mosley 
    P.S. Don't forget to share the news on social media using #JuniperNetworks #MarvisMinis 

    Selena Mosley