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Guys could someone help me? I have an SRX300 with two ISPs. ISP 1 - VPN ISP 2 - Internet However when ISP2 fails ISP1 does not surf the internet. ip-monitoring ( policy INTERNET-ISP2 ( match ( rpm-probe VR-UNTRUST-ISP2; ) then ( preferred-route ( route ( next...

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Hello I would like to make our webserver accessible when Internet is down on ISP1. I want to create second NAT to my webserver, which is connected to FW1, from fW2 which is connected via VPN to FW1. Please see the diagram. Do you know how can I do that? I already created NAT from Untrust to...

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BGP Dual-Home with default route only

Hello, I've been scratching my head for a week as to what is the best solution to my problem. I haven't found any other discussion on this topic which I think is pretty common: We have 2 BGP sessions with our upstreams, each announcing a default-route. If one of the ISP...

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Internet failover with dual-ISP configuration and routing-instances by using IP monitoring

We have a SRX320 with two ISPs connected to the ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/2 interfaces and trusted subnets connected to the ge-0/0/5 interface. We use both ISPs for destination NATs to forward ports from the Internet to trusted subnets. To solve the problem with asymmetric NAT, for...


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SRX with ISP with default gateway from different subnet

We have the SRX 320. Our ISP provides several external static IP addresses from the subnet. ISP routes these addresses from the gateway to the address, which also needs to be configured on our side. ISP is connected to the interface ge-0/0/0. I...