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Interfaces configured with CoS not appearing in forwarding-table output

Hi all, I am working on a QFX5100-48S-6Q running JUNOS 14.1X53-D30.3. I have configured CoS on some of the switch's interfaces and was using 'show' commands to review my configuration when I found that interfaces on which I've configured CoS are not appearing the CoS forwarding table. ...

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CoS defaults on QFX switches

Hi all, I'm configuring CoS on a QFX5100 for the first time and would appreciate some guidance around what happens to the default CoS components when you configure custom CoS components. For example, the QFX Traffic Management Guide states that "If you explicitly configure one...

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Find in attached file P,PE1,PE2,CE1 & CE2 config. #JNCIP-SPCoS

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configure QoS for a port with specific Access List match

I am looking to configure my QFX5100 32Q switch with a QoS for a specific ACL match. 1) I would like to specifiy a ACL rule (with match field based on 5-tuple) 2) For the traffic that matches the 5-tuple I would like to define QoS metric with action such as: DSCP marking and Rate-limiting...

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Class Of Service: Packet or Session

Hello, I'm starting with CoS on a MX104 and reading the CoS Guide. 1 - When I use the firewall filter to classifiy the input of an interface, is the CoS for the whole session or just the packet? 2 - The classification has to be in the interface where the packets are dropped...