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    RE: OSPF - Static Routes

    Sorry for the confusion, on the device where the static routes exist you would create a routing policy and apply this to OSPF. set policy-options policy-statement exportstatic1 term exportstatic1 from protocol static set policy-options policy-statement ...

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    RE: OSPF - Static Routes

    Hello, I don't need to push a default route. I need to push static routes into area 0. ------------------------------ Amit Amit ------------------------------

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    RE: OSPF - Static Routes

    To push a default route into stub ares or nssa just add the default-route parameter to the configuration of the area on the ABR MX. https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/reference/configuration-statement/default-metric-edit-protocols-ospf.html ...

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    OSPF - Static Routes

    Hello, I have multiple MX204 routers with OSPF areas. All the routers are connected to area 0 and each router is connected to different NSSA areas. The reason for multiple areas is route summarization. I am trying to inject static routes from router A ...

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    RE: CSPF

    The constraints will be selected by you during configuration of the lsp and are outlined in this list. The constraints that CSPF considers include: LSP attributes Administrative groups (that is, link color requirements) Bandwidth ...

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    Hello friends. I recently have studying about CSPF. So, I love the logical functions of protocol. But, I still with some doubt about the top. What is the requirements need to CSPF work correctly? (Talking simple away). 1 - Lookup to LSP Attributes ...

  • Bonjour everybody Let's see when YOU can spot the problem before it happens 1) I use mgmt port in my lab on my 10 2300-C switches for convenience 2) I don't use mgmt. port on the 250 switches in the field. I have ...


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