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SRX320 dhcp not updating windows dns

  • 1.  SRX320 dhcp not updating windows dns

    Posted 15 days ago

    Good day,

    Situation: SRX320 with multiple vlans (Lan and IOT are relevant)

    Lan(172.16.20.x): DHCP / DNS handled by Windows domain controller

    IOT(172.17.20.x): DHCP handled by SRX, DNS by Windows domain controller
    Only IOT devices here, no windows clients

    "access address-assignment pool iot"

     dhcp-attributes {
            maximum-lease-time 3600;
            domain-name iot.mydomain.local;
            name-server {
            router {

    On the dns server there is a zone located "iot.mydomain.local" with secure and non secure updates allowed. But no clients are registering.
    When i change the client to the LAN vlan. it is registering correctly. however it isn't sure that the client is doing this since the dhcp server is set to "Always dynamic update DNS reccords"

    Is there a way to let the srx handle this? or is the only solution to add a dhcp relay and add this scope to the windows dhcp?