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If Syslog not sent

Hello Community! I am seeking for a solution to create an alert if there was no syslog message received by NMS for a specified period of time. I gave up trying to set that up in NMS's we are using, so I wondering if there's a way to implement that on JunOS side. Implied logic ...

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SRX Remote syslog tls

Hello, Is it possible to send remote syslog messages with TLS encryption to a remote syslog server like rsyslog? Does anyone have any configuration examples for this, so far I have only been able to find example where the SRX is collecting the logs. #syslog #TLS #encrypted ...

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Only send logs of dropped traffic from SRX to Syslog server

I have a customer who is receiving tons of logs from his SRX to the Syslog server. He requested only to send logs for the traffic which is dropped, he doesn't care about the permitted traffic. How can I configure this under the Syslog host? thanks in advance. #syslog #SRX

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system log messages translation non-ELS to ELS

Hi experts, I would like to translate event-options from non-ELS config to ELS config. As the ELS translator is decomissioned: Is there a resource where I can match non-ELS system log...

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unknown Critical Syslog messages

Hello Good day to you. I have been looking for the meaning of this Syslog messages with no sucess . I tried to look in Syslog Explorer but I didnt find anything. Junos: 18.1R3.3 Jan 24 15:03:59 JuniperGH-102 kernel: gic0: Spurious interrupt detected Jan 24 15:28:46 JuniperGH...