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vxlan L3 gateway best way to reach rest of the network?

Hi experts. I have followed the IaaS: EVPN and VXLAN Solution and is working as it should. Next step is to decied how the rest of the network should reach the DC. Should I setup a new bgp from each routing-instance in the spine to my PE router to get connectivty to the rest of the...

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SRX with ISP with default gateway from different subnet

We have the SRX 320. Our ISP provides several external static IP addresses from the subnet. ISP routes these addresses from the gateway to the address, which also needs to be configured on our side. ISP is connected to the interface ge-0/0/0. I...

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ex2200 default gateway

Hello colleagues, I have one simple question, but I not know how do it. So, i have switch EX2200 as access switch in network, by cisco have command ip default-gateway . Do have juniper analouges command or i must use set routins-options default <host>? #defaultgateway

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IKE negotiation failed with error: IKE gateway configuration lookup failed during negotiation

Hi All, In attempting to bring up a site-to-site VPN between a Juniper SRX 240H2 and a Cisco ASA5505, I am receiving the following error repeatedly: IKE negotiation failed with error: IKE gateway configuration lookup failed during negotiation. I am having some issues finding...

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SRX 1500 Ordering Info

Hi, I was trying to make a BoM for SRX 1500, but in the datasheet for SRX1500 (which is just 4 pages) there are is no parts info like in other SRX datasheets. Kindly please help regarding this, need to find all the parts info for SRX 1500 to make the BoM . I am attaching the data sheet for...