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JPR-960 vs JPR-961

Hi, so far I know about duration of JPR-961 that is 6 hours but I cant find the main difference between the two lab exams. I have been preparing for JPR-960 and was wondering if there is any difference in Exam Objectives and recommended training compared to JPR-961? any additional topics...

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I passed the JNCIA Junos exam and I am looking to study JNCIS-SP Course. I need advices for how should I study for the exam and where can I find the study materials? #JUNOS #jncis #sp

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JNCIE-SP/VPNs/Layer 3 VPNs/6PE US/junos/topics/topic-map/l3-vpns-ipv6-traffic.html#id-example-tunneling-layer-3-vpn-ipv6-islands-over-an-ipv4-core-using-ibgp-and-independent My vMX version: 17.4R1.16 Greetings, I have configured the example above exactly as given,...

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Find in attached file P,PE1,PE2,CE1 & CE2 config. #JNCIP-SPCoS

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CoS with LSYS

Hello team, I would like to know if it's possible to setup CoS with LSYS. Kind regards, #JNCIP-SP