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SRX Remote syslog tls

Hello, Is it possible to send remote syslog messages with TLS encryption to a remote syslog server like rsyslog? Does anyone have any configuration examples for this, so far I have only been able to find example where the SRX is collecting the logs. #syslog #TLS #encrypted ...

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RA VPN license

Hallo Juniper community, I have a problem understanding Remote VPM lisensing on SRX. If I want to buy a lisense for 25 users on SRX( SRX-RA1-25) must I also buy a lisense for NCP client as well. Or does it comes with it. Would somebody please help? ...

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Split tunnelling in remote access vpn.

Hi to all, I have configured a remote access VPN with NCP client on a SRX345. It's working fine, from the remote client I can access the internal network through VPN access, but all the traffic is being encrypted ... Is there any way to make a tunnel divided ? I mean, Internet...