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Redundant internet connection

Hi, please suggest me which way is the best to achieve what I need as I kinda lost in the variants. It's probably a trivial question so the reply is probably just a link to the right article on topic. I have the SRX 3xx as a gateway device. Hoster provides it with two Internet...

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SRX HA Active Active

Hello, I am following this documentation to configure active/active SRX: US/release-independent/nce/topics/example/chassis-cluster-srx-active-active-configuring.html From what I understand the priority of node inside a redundancy group...

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RE: srx chasis cluster redundancy groups

If you are looking for best design practices, then the answer really depends of your network requirements which means that It's not needed to have every interface into a different RG. Most important thing you need to take care about is how much traffic is passing through the device then...

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Tips and Tricks: Ping reply on the virtual IP address when using VRRP

When you configure VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol), the ping reply on the virtual IP address doesn't work by default. You must configure the parameter accept-data to solve the problem. Example on EX4300: set interfaces irb unit 2 family inet address vrrp-group...

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VPN Redundancy using VPN Route Based

Hi All, Is there any example configuration to done this? I've created 2 VPN tunnels (st0.0 and st0.1) with 2 ISPs if the first tunnel is down then the second traffic will be forwarded, but the problem is both 2 vpn tunnels is still "UP" (st0.0 and st0.1). I try using event automation http:/...