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EX4200 DSCP remarking

Dear all, I followed the following guide to configure DSCP remarking on EX4200. I want to make all traffic going-out interface ge-0/1/1.0 to be DSCP remarked as AF31. However, it doesn't work. I use port mirror to monitor the out-going traffic. I cannot see DSCP was remarked. ...

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RE: Old Optics in New Switches, Any Benefit to Replace Them?

Hi, First offtopic - depending on intended use EX3400 may or may not be most suitable replacement for EX4200. EX4300 is direct replacement for EX4200. If needed check here:

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LAG Multiple switch stacks into a single LAG

We currently have construction on our campus and the crews accidentaly damaged our fiber lines to the buildings on the other side of the construction. I have a pair of EX4500s as our core connected to the outlying switches with a LAG. I have dark fiber available using another route and I would...

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After commit dropped to shell with error: session failure: unexpected termination

Hello, Whenever i commit on the EX4200 i am throw back to shell with following commands: root# commit synchronize force error: session failure: unexpected termination error: remote side unexpectedly closed connection # After log in getting: # cli warning: This chassis is operating in a...

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EX4200 stuck on root> can not commit

Hello, I have a question i have ex4200 whenever i go to cli mode i am getting following messge: " warning: This chassis is operating in a non-master role as part of a virtual-chassis (VC) system. warning: Use of interactive commands should be limited to debugging and VC Port operations....